Magic Meets Science in Comic Book Murder Mystery 'Ether' (Exclusive Trailer)

Matt Kindt and David Rubin take Earth's greatest scientist to a world where everything is magic.

Worlds collide in the new independent comic book series Ether, which sees the greatest explorer from Earth — a scientist called Boone Dias — brought in to solve a murder on a world ruled by magic.

The series centers around the question of, in the words of co-creator and writer Matt Kindt, "what would happen if the world's greatest scientist, detective and the most rational mind on Earth was suddenly transported to a mythical world filled with talking gorillas, warring faerie tribes and a sword-wielding queen-protector. How does a scientist cope in a world where magic is real and the murder he is asked to solve was committed, literally, with a magic bullet?"

Kindt, whose other work includes Dept. H and Valiant's Divinity series, is joined on Ether by David Rubin, whose work the writer described as "timeless [and] mythic" — qualities that are obvious from the trailer, which debuts exclusively on Heat Vision today.

The first issue of the series, which Kindt calls, "Sherlock Holmes in a hallucinatory Lord of the Rings fantasy world," will apparate in comic book stores and digitally this Wednesday.