Netflix Debuts Trailer for Mark Millar's 'Magic Order'

The company's first comic hits stores June 13.

Two weeks out from its release, Netflix has released a trailer for The Magic Order, the company’s first comic book project, created by Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel.

Using limited animation, the trailer features scenes from the first issue of the series, establishing the mythology of the Magic Order’s world — a world seemingly of “science and logic,” although that isn’t exactly true. Someone is killing the wizards that keep everything working as we know it, leading to the tagline of the trailer: “They protect us, but who protects them?”

The trailer, Netflix’s first for a comic book project, although a shorter teaser for the issue debuted last week, finishes with the chyron “In comic shops June 13,” but doesn’t mention the publisher of the series — Image Comics — nor push those interested toward a way of finding their local comic store.

Although the trailer will have a different audience by dint of its location on Netflix’s YouTube account, it’s worth noting that the format and quality of the Magic Order trailer is nothing new — indeed, Marvel, DC and other companies have released similar videos for their projects for years now:

With Mark Millar promising comic store owners multimedia promotion for Magic Order when asking them to raise orders, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s more in store than this trailer — and if so, what form it’ll take.