'Magic the Gathering' Unveils 'Zendikar Rising' Expansion Set

'Magic the Gathering' Zendikar Rising Art of Nissa
Yongjae Choi
'MTG Arena,' the digital adaptation of the long-running strategy card game, will also be launching soon on mobile devices.

Games publisher Wizards of the Coast unveiled on Tuesday details for its upcoming slate of Magic: the Gathering releases.

The long-running free-to-play strategy card game will feature the highly-anticipated Zendikar Rising expansion, thrusting players back into the untamed wilderness world of Zendikar that first surfaced in the game in 2009.

Planeswalker cards for the characters Nahiri and Jace will be included in the set of 20 cards. Among the returning gameplay mechanics, the Kicker spell casting ability will return in this pack, along with the the player favorite Landfall.

New gameplay mechanics include the Party and Modal Double-Faced cards. There will also be booster packs in the set.

The Zendikar Rising set releases in Magic the Gathering Arena, a digital adaptation of the card game, on Sept. 17 and Sept 25 for tabletop.

These first-look card reveals were also presented during a streamed event on the game's Twitch channel on Sept. 1., along with a trailer.

On Twitter, the @MTGSecretLair account shared details of an upcoming collaboration with AMC's The Walking Dead.

Additional sets landing in the game next year include Modern Horizons 2, a follow up to the popular Modern Horizons set; and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a Dungeons & Dragons-themed set; the viking set Kaldheim; and the werewolves and vampires Innistrad set.

Elsewhere, MTG Arena will soon be launching on mobile devices. Follow the game's Twitter account for updates.

Created by Richard Garfield, Magic the Gathering was first introduced in 1993 and has gone on be a globally recognized game with millions of players around the world. The game often offers collaborations with well-known properties, such as the Godzilla pack introduced earlier this year.

The fantasy franchise is currently in development at Netflix for a TV show adaptation, with the Russo brothers serving as exec producers.

View a trailer for Zendikar Rising below.