Man Cuts Off His Nose Because of His Love for Marvel (No, Really)

Red Skull Hugo Weaving Captain America H
Marvel Entertainment
Apparently, the Red Skull makeover is actually a thing for one fan.

We’ve all heard the saying about cutting off your nose to spite your face, but one Marvel fan in Venezuela has taken the idea in an all-new direction, cutting off his nose to … more closely resemble a fictional Nazi supervillain. Look, I said it was an all-new direction, not a sensible direction.

Henry Damon, a 37-year-old man in Caracas, has the unusual ambition of wanting to look like the villain of Captain America: The First Avenger, the Red Skull. For some, that might mean dressing up in Nazi uniforms and painting their face red, but Damon took it much further: he had implants placed under the skin of his forehead and part of his nose cut off to more closely resemble the character (You can see what he looks like here, although anyone who doesn't want to see someone with half-a-nose might not want to click through).

The procedure was carried out by body-modification artist Emilio Gonzalez, who assured the British Daily Mirror newspaper that Damon was “a physically and intellectually healthy person,” as well as “an excellent son, husband and father.”

Damon, who reportedly now goes by the name “Red Skull,” isn’t finished with his changes just yet; he plans to place implants on his cheekbones and chin and have his face tattooed red to complete his transformation. Is it too much to hope that someone plans to have their body modified into Steve Rogers’, just in case these changes go to Damon’s head?

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