'Man of Steel:' Fan-Made Opening Sequence Goes Viral (Video)

The segment gives an abbreviated origin story to Superman.
Fan-made 'Man of Steel' opening sequence

Man of Steel is more than six weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped superfans from imagining what its title sequence could look like. The  segment, created over three months by WILL & TALE, was uploaded to YouTube April 24 and has been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

It begins with a news report of passengers on a Kansas City-bound flight witnessing a UFO and guides the viewer to early Superman sightings. There are hints of Clark Kent being a sports prodigy as a child, and there's a money shot of a costumed Superman saving a man who is falling from a building.

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The creative team behind the video said it did not use any previously existing footage, and called it a “passion project” completed over nights and weekends.

Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel, from director Zack Snyder, hits theaters June 14.