'Man of Steel' Honest Trailer: 'A Mopey, Violent Reboot' (Video)

Superman gets his "inevitable dark, moody Christopher Nolan update."
Warner Bros. Pictures
Superman gets his "inevitable dark, moody Christopher Nolan update."

Man of Steel wasn't so super according to its Honest Trailer.

The Screen Junkies series tells viewers to "prepare for a mopey, violent reboot, guaranteed to depress adults and frighten small children" and calls it Superman's "inevitable dark, moody Christopher Nolan update."

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Superman must decide which of his two Robin Hood dads (Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner) to listen to, with Jonathan Kent telling his son "hide your powers and let innocent people die," while Jor-El wants him to show off his gifts to inspire humanity.

"Watch Superman honor them both, as he shows off his powers and lets innocent people die," the trailer says. It also notes the large number of brand placements -- from IHOP to Sears, and tackles the more controversial aspects of Man of Steel, such as Superman killing General Zod (Michael Shannon) and allowing the deaths of countless civilians in Metropolis.

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Director Zack Snyder addressed some of those issues during a chat over the weekend, where he also teased details of the film's sequel.