'Man of Steel' Poster: Superman Soars Past City (Photo)

Man of Steel Poster 2 - P - 2013
Zach Snyder's cinematic reboot is set to be released June 14.

Last year in a Man of Steel poster, Superman was shackled in handcuffs. Now he's flying high. 

Continuing the action-oriented theme of recent previews, the latest one-sheet for Zach Snyder's adaptation of the D.C. Comics icon shows a blurred image of the hero soaring towards the Sun -- lens flare included. 

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In Snyder's adaptation, actor Henry Cavill dons the red cape to save humanity. Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe and Amy Adams all feature in the Warner Bros. film, which is being produced by Christopher Nolan.

The reboot is set for release stateside on June 14.