Hans Zimmer Conducts 12 Drummers for the 'Man of Steel' Soundtrack (Video)

Hans Zimmer Pharrell Williams - H 2011
<p>Hans Zimmer Pharrell Williams - H 2011</p>   |   Getty Images
Take a look behind the scenes at how the Superman film's booming percussion was created.

A new behind-the-scenes video reveals the massive drum circle that helped produce the percussion on the Man of Steel soundtrack.

Composer Hans Zimmer gathered groups of drummers -- including Pharrell Williams and Sheila E. -- and had them all perform around him as he stood in the middle, conducting them.

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"I thought what if you could get the 12 greatest drummers and meld them into one giant machine of energy, and we did that," Zimmer explains in the video. "I want the audience to feel like you're surrounding them, hence the peculiar set-up."

Zimmer's also shown explaining to the musicians how they'd perform to get the sound he wanted.

"We've prepared different groups, and the idea is that we all play the groups together, and we'll see which groups work best," he explains. "If we start each group wherever it feels good and do that for, say, 16 bars, and we'll start getting a little more individual about it, and by the end it will become whatever it will become."