Tattered Superman Comic Nets $175,000

This copy of the Man of Steel's first appearance was used as home insulation before being discovered by a contractor.
A rare copy of the first appearance of Superman, in Action Comics No. 1 --only about 100 are known to still exist -- sold for $175,000 on Monday, auctioneers ComicConnect.com announced.
The price is far cry from the world-record $2.1 million paid for Nicolas Cage's pristine copy in 2011.
But consider the condition of this comic: It was used for decades as insulation in a rural Minnesota house and then, when it was discovered by contractor David Gonzales, who had bought the house to renovate and sell, the cover was torn in in argument with his wife's aunt about the comic. 
Cage's comic had a grade of 9.0 on the 10-point ratings scale used by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC).  
This comic? Just a 1.5 grade. 
Still, the rarity and allure of the Man of Steel is such that a buyer described as a "hard-core, golden-age comic book collector," to the AP by ComicConnect CEO Stephen Fishler, paid over six figures for it.
ComicConnect received 51 bids in total. 
See an enlarged image of the comic below: