'Mandalorian': Animatronic Baby Yoda Figure to Hit Toy Shelves

The new Disney item was announced with a number of other products ahead of the New York Toy Fair.

Toys from the popular Disney+ show The Mandalorian are about to arrive in stores and one of the likely most popular items was introduced Thursday. 

An animatronic version of The Child, aka Baby Yoda, is now available for preorder. The figure moves, blinks its eyes and responds to voice interactions, according to debut footage of the toy on Good Morning America

The toy was announced with a number of other products ahead of the New York Toy Fair.

Additional new items include the game Trouble: The Mandalorian Edition and Star Wars Operation: The Mandalorian Edition, all from Hasbro. There is also a Lego construction set featuring the Mandalorian’s Razor Crest ship and Lego BrickHeadz building kits for The Mandalorian and The Child. 

Previously announced Baby Yoda items have been on sale for preorder since late last year and will start arriving in stores as soon as next month. 

Watch the debut of the animatronic Baby Yoda below.