Impatient 'Star Wars' Fans Skillfully Crafting Their Own Baby Yoda Toys

The Mandalorian - Publicity Still 2- H 2019
Toys for the popular Disney+ series character will not be available in time for Christmas — so fans are making their own.

Since it has become clear there will be no The Child, aka Baby Yoda toys, in time for Christmas, some creative and skillful Star Wars fans have made their own. In the past few weeks, there have been a number of bootlegged items for the massively popular Mandalorian character on sites such as eBay and Etsy, but nearly all of those pieces have been shirts and coffee mugs, not dolls or toys.

Disney, of course, is likely not happy about this, but did not return a request for information concerning any issued cease and desist orders. No officially licensed products in the way of toys of figures will be here in time for Christmas, a decision that was made so that the little green tyke would not be spoiled in toy catalogs before the Disney+ series premiered last month.

Now, some fans have moved past frustration into crafting mode and showed off their talents via Reddit, meaning the items are not listed for sale, just displayed for others to enjoy (and be jealous over). 

Disney announced Tuesday that a number of official toys, including a bobblehead, a Mattel plush and a Funko! pop were available for preorder. However, they would not be shipped until the spring. Hasbro previously confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that its toys would not be available until next year.

Cast and crew of the popular Disney+ series are well aware The Child has taken America by storm. 

Mandalorian episode director Bryce Dallas Howard on Monday told THR that she, too, has been bombarded with Baby Yoda toy requests, but she is glad there was restraint with the character.

"Everyone is super pissed that there’s no merch," Howard said with a laugh. "Everyone is like, 'I want a Baby Yoda stuffed toy!' But I think they made a good choice in not focusing there and just focusing on the storytelling."

See some of the best crafted examples of Baby Yoda below.

A crocheted Baby Yoda from r/pics

I needle felted this Baby Yoda (I know I know, ‘the Child’). from r/aww

My wife has been making Baby Yoda dolls and they are just so cute, and I am so proud of her. from r/BabyYoda

I made a Baby Yoda for someone at GalaxyCon Louisville this weekend! from r/somethingimade

So a knitting group comes to our store and today one of the ladies was working on this baby yoda. I’m obsessed from r/starbucks

Handmade Baby Yoda plush my fiancée made for me! from r/DisneyPlus

My wife made a Baby Yoda! from r/crochet