'Mann's World' Is the Ultimate Vacation Horror Story

Mann's World Announcement
The series launching next year is 'Deliverance' meets 'Jurassic World,' according to its publisher.

The idea of a vacation trip ruined by unfortunate events may be a familiar one, but in the sci-fi series Mann’s World, things go bad on a scale that might surprise many — and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive sneak peek at the first issue ahead of its January release date.

"AWA editors floated the idea of ‘Deliverance on a distant futuristic planet’ and we went from there, going back and forth and teasing out all the potential until we ended up with much more,” teased writer Victor Gischler in a statement. “The story touches on masculinity — toxic and otherwise— and friendship but also issues of class and authority.  It's a man versus self, man versus man, man versus nature story all wrapped up in a single, good looking package, and it was all the result of some great collaboration and a free flow of ideas."

Artist Niko Walter also credits the collaborative spirit behind the series, adding, "Victor’s scripts were the key [when it came to illustration] — dense in information but with enough breathing room to let me get creative with layouts. Using panel arrangements to create big or small moments and emphasize beats that Victor had laid out. [Colorist] Snakebite came in after and really brought things to life with texture and atmosphere."

Mann’s World is a science fiction thriller that puts Deliverance and Jurassic World in a blender,” editor Axel Alonso explained, when “Four buddies with a complicated history embark on an adventure vacation that takes a left turn into hell when they run afoul of the locals. Navigating a hostile prehistoric landscape with a pack of relentless killers on their trail, four men test the limits of their friendship and, indeed, their own morality. What is each willing to do to survive?"

Mann’s World launches digitally and in comic book stores Jan. 13 2021, published by AWA Upshot. Look below for interiors from the first issue, as well as the cover from Rahzzah.