Marc Guggenheim Takes Over Marvel's 'X-Men'

X-Men 18 Cover - P 2014
<p>X-Men 18 Cover - P 2014</p>   |   Terry Dodson/Marvel Entertainment
"Arrow" EP will take over the writing of Marvel's "X-Men" this summer, sending the characters into space for a "darker…more mysterious" perspective on the series.

Marc Guggenheim is moving from DC’s Arrow to the Marvel Universe with his new project, following Brian Wood as the writer for Marvel’s ongoing series X-Men beginning in August.

While Guggenheim has been focused predominantly on DC properties in recent years as writer and executive producer of The CW's hit adaptation of DC's Green Arrow character and one of the writers for the 2011 big-screen Green Lantern, he has written comics for both Marvel and DC in the past, including runs on Wolverine and The Punisher, as well as the final issues of DC's Justice Society of America.

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In an interview with IGN, he said that the first arc of his X-Men will take the mutant heroes back into space. "Before I started pitching on this, I happened to be rereading a lot of the [Chris] Claremont-era X-Men books, including The Brood Saga [storyline]. I was sort of struck by just how long it's been since there's been an X-Men-in-outer-space story," he said.

While that earlier storyline has been "The X-Men Meets Star Wars," Guggenheim pledged that this new arc will be closer to "The X-Men meets Aliens."

"It's darker, it's a little more mysterious, and it's scarier," he said. Nevertheless, he characterized the four-part story as "pure fun [with] some very deep character moments throughout," promising "X-Men in an arena, an environment, that we haven't seen them in in a while."

X-Men #18, Guggenheim's first issue as writer, will be released in August.