Marc Webb Teases J. Jonah Jameson in 'Spider-Man's' Future

The long-running supporting character could show up in future installments of the rebooted movie franchise, says the director.

For all the work Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield and others have done reworking the Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise, one thing is still noticeably missing. For those of us wondering just where J. Jonah Jameson is, however, Webb has an answer.

"I like the idea very much of him coming up in one of the next films," Webb said during a Google+ Hangout promoting the upcoming release of Amazing Spider-Man 2, adding "It's an idea we kind of talked about, 'cause I love that character and he poses a very interesting dilemma for Spider-Man."

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Webb also admitted that recasting the role was part of the problem in using the character in the first Amazing Spider-Man movie. "It was easier to accept the new Spider-Man than somebody who can outdo J.K. Simmons in that role," he said.

Although there are no firm plans to use the character, who debuted all the way back in 1963's The Amazing Spider-Man #1 and still appears in today's Spider-Man comics (albeit with a career change from editor of the Daily Bugle to the Mayor of New York City along the way), Webb said that fans "could expect to see that [character] in the future." He has, after all, already shown up in the promotion for the second movie.