Marginal Mediaworks, Luminary to Debut Crime Thriller Podcast Based on Original IP From Video Game Veterans (Exclusive)

Corner Wolves Graphic - H - 2019
Brass Lion Entertainment
'Corner Wolves' follows a young Afro-Latina who is set upon locating her father's killer in Harlem during the mid-'90s hip-hop era.

"Heroes. Homies. Hustlers."

Those are the words emblazoned on publicity materials for Corner Wolves, a scripted crime thriller podcast from Marginal Mediaworks and subscription podcast streaming platform Luminary. The two media companies revealed their partnership Tuesday.

The podcast is based on original IP from new interactive studio Brass Lion Entertainment, founded by veteran AAA gaming developers Manveer Heir (Mass Effect), Bryna Dabby Smith (Def Jam: Vendetta) and Rashad Redic (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). At Brass Lion, the team is focused on creating stories featuring marginalized characters, stories and cultures.

Corner Wolves is penned by video game journalist and author Evan Narcisse, known for Marvel's Rise of the Black Panther graphic novel, and follows a young Afro-Latina who is set upon locating her father's killer in Harlem during the mid-'90s hip-hop era. 

The story looks at how the lives of young people are shaped by the environment and community that surrounds them, including, in this case, the war on drugs and those in law enforcement.

"With Corner Wolves, we are launching an IP through an immersive form of storytelling — the podcast — from which we can spawn comics, feature films or scripted series, all complementing the podcast itself," said Sanjay Sharma, founder and CEO of Marginal Mediaworks, in a statement. His background in music and games includes co-founding urban brand All-Def Media and gamer-focused media brand Machinima, which was sold to Warner Bros. 

"This is an aspirational crime thriller with a young woman of color at the center," continued Sharma.  "A new hero, a new narrative, all part of a new narrative system. We are going to push the edges of a new, auditory and music-infused, storytelling experience." 

Speaking about the collaboration, Heir noted, "Sanjay's background in both hip-hop and video games, and Marginal's thesis around longform storytelling with underrepresented voices, dovetailed perfectly with our aspirations." He emphasized that while the intersection and impact of urban culture and gaming "has become explosive," this is largely ignored by the traditional game industry. Therefore, the podcast aims to highlight dynamic tales with a varied cast of featured players at the center. 

"We are committed to facilitating culture and and building imagination through podcasts," said Miles Hodges, Luminary Director of Content. "The Corner Wolves story, as well as the media universe Marginal and Brass Lion crafted around it, fits perfectly with that vision."

Hip-hop producer Just Blaze, who has worked on records with Beyoncé, Drake, Kanye West and Jay-Z, as well as scores for video games with Capcom, Electronic Arts and more, will supervise the music. On the production side, Loud Speakers Network will step in to aid in the overall vision for the podcast.

Corner Wolves is expected to debut in May and will go live exclusively on Luminary.