Mark Hamill Does an Outstanding Han Solo in 'Bad Lip Reading' Installment

It is so good on so many different levels. 

The latest installment of the YouTube favorite Bad Lip Reading focuses on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the biggest kicker: Mark Hamill has lines! 

Of course, he is not talking as Luke Skywalker, but he does a killer Han Solo. 

Actually, all the voice actors involved sell it, and in some cases, it's really hard to believe the silly lines are not what our heroes are actually saying. 

The best, in our nerd opinion over here at Heat Vision, is the Kylo Ren portion. Just classic. "It puts the lotion on ..." 

The video has been up for just a few hours and already has more than 75,000 views. 

Also cool, the new video is dedicated to the late Carrie Fisher. 

Update: On Thursday evening, the video was removed, with this notice posted on YouTube: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Dramatists Play Service." The Bad Lip Reading Twitter account addressed the takedown. As of Friday morning the video had returned online and things were back to normal.