Mark Hamill Against Fans' Call for Meryl Streep to Play Princess Leia

A petition for the Oscar-winning actress to take over the 'Star Wars' role has gained more than 10,000 signatures.

This is not the recasting you're looking for. 

More than 10,000 Star Wars fans have signed a petition, started this month, asking Disney and Lucasfilm to recast the role of Princess Leia for the upcoming Episode IX.

The legendary Carrie Fisher died in December 2016, and the petition is asking that Meryl Streep take over the role.

But there is one person in particular who is not for the change: Mark Hamill. 

"I don't know what the specific plans were for that character, but since Han was more prominent in VII, Luke was more prominent in VIII, we assumed that Leia would be more prominent in IX, especially with the dynamic of Kylo Ren being her son," Hamill explained during a recent interview with Collider. "I think it would be tough recasting because she's so indelibly linked to that character."

He continued, "They've already ruled out the idea of computer generating her performance like they did with Peter Cushing, so gee, that's got to be a really, not an insurmountable problem, but … I know the script had been developed enough so when we lost her they had to go back to square one. She's irreplaceable as far as I'm concerned." 

Hamill has posted about his devastation over losing his space sister on countless occasions. He also said in a previous interview he is not able to watch Luke and Leia's scene in Last Jedi

Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm has gone on record saying Last Jedi would be Fisher's Star Wars film, meaning no CGI or repurposed material in following installments.