Mark Hamill Sure Gets His Name Misspelled Often

Mark Hamill - GETTY - H 2017
Gerardo Mora / Stringer
Yes, even Disney is guilty of typos.

Poor Mark Hamil. Oops, Mark Hamill.

The Star Wars icon known the world over as Luke Skywalker seems to have a heck of a time when it comes to his name being spelled correctly. 

And it is not like children are misspelling it. Hamill has shared multiple instances over the months and years of his name being misspelled during TV interviews, on promotional material and, yes, even Disney is guilty.

Over the weekend, Hamill shared a couple more spelling errors with his more than 1.8 million Twitter followers, all of which he laughs off. 

"That's MISTER Marc Hamill to you, Hanna-Barbera!" the accomplished voice actor replied to one instance pointed out. 

And, in Portuguese, he tweeted, "This is MISTER Hamil for you, Brazil! #Respeito" to his named being misspelled on a Empire Strikes Back Poster. 

He has even had his name misspelled during interviews ("Mark Hammil"), but it was at Disney’s London office last year where the error likely made the greatest number of fans shake their head. 

"How famous am I? Actual Security Pass I got 4 Disney London Office visit. That's MISTER Hamilton to you! #AndYouAre?" Hamill tweeted.