Mark Hamill Gives Shout Out to Boy Who Cited Jedi Way for Not Fighting His Bully

Mark Hamill attends the Costume Designers Guild Awards -Getty-H 2018
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images
Aiden Vazquez, 10, had to go to the hospital and required several stitches.

A California fifth-grader made headlines this week after he was beaten so badly by bullies at his school, he had to go to the hospital. 

Aiden Vazquez, 10, said he was punched in the face — which required several stitches to close a cut on his eyebrow — called names and had his backpack taken on Monday at school. 

When his mother asked why he did not fight back against the kids, the boy cited Star Wars, saying it was not the "Jedi way," station KMIR reports. 

Mark Hamill was moved by the story and responded. 

"SHOUT OUT to Aiden Vazquez for his courage & wisdom in the face of adversity. I'm so proud of you for showing that you can be a Jedi in real life. Congratulations, Aiden- The Force will be with YOU... Always!!! Your fan, mh," the Star Wars icon tweeted. 

The Desert Hot Springs Police Department launched a criminal investigation in to the matter, according to station KMIR.

The school district has declined to comment on the incident.

Hamill is currently working on the upcoming, untitled Star Wars installment.