Mark Hamill Has Classic Response for Anti-'Star Wars' Russian Propaganda

Mark Hamill Getty H 2016
Barry King/WireImage
Yes, Luke Skywalker replies in Russian.

This is not the propaganda you're looking for. 

On Monday, Mark Hamill had a great response to some old Russian article that decried Star Wars: Return of the Jedi as "the final act in an insidious capitalist plot to militarize space." The article was unearthed by Matthew Bodner, a journalist for The Moscow Times.

Hamill, a prolific social media user, saw the post and responded — in Russian.

"Go Force Yourself, comrades!," the Luke Skywalker actor replied, adding that it was tricky to get Google translator to spit out the word "force." 

"Must be a plot!" Hamill quipped.