Mark Hamill Is Having a Field Day Trolling Before 'Last Jedi' Opens

Just as Yoda once kind of said, "For the Jedi, it is time to troll as well."

Mark Hamill is having a great time trolling Star Wars fans on social media as hype for The Last Jedi reaches critical mass. 

Hamill's latest moment of messing around happened Tuesday, when the Luke Skywalker actor tweeted that Rian Johnson's screenplay for the upcoming installment was leaked and accidently novelized. 

"BEWARE!! Novelization of #TheLastJedi screenplay mistakenly released weeks before film's debut- AVOID SPOILERS AT ALL COSTS & #WaitForVIII," Hamill tweeted to his more than two million followers. 

The book is legit. It was written by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff and was released in 2013, but it has nothing to do with the highly anticipated Disney film. 

Days before, Hamill tweeted a screenshot from Empire Strikes Back from when, after dueling on Dagobah, Luke envisions Darth Vader's helmet exploding to reveal Luke's face. 

"Foreshadowing? Red Herring? Dummy Head? Hamill Head? 54 Days left 2 Troll 'til #TheLastJedi answers all your questions (& maybe raises more)," Hamill tweeted. 

Hamill is a social media Jedi and often has fun with his fans, both interacting and joking around. So, basically, it's wise not to believe anything he says until after Dec. 15.