Mark Hamill Joins Campaign to Buy Twitter, Ban Donald Trump

A crowd-funding campaign was recently started to purchase Twitter for the sole purpose of banning President Donald Trump from the platform.

Actor Mark Hamill is a fan of the idea and said he donated to the GoFundMe cause. 

Now, the whole notion is satirical, which the Star Wars icon pointed out to his fans, but the fact remains the campaign so far as collected more than $80,000.

Its goal is a billion dollars. So yeah, there is a ways to go. 

The campaign was started by Valerie Plame Wilson of Santa Fe, N.M., who said Trump's use of Twitter is now a matter of life and death with his powers of the presidency. Wilson is a former CIA member who focused on nuclear proliferation issues.

"If we hit this goal, we’ll use it to become Twitter’s single biggest shareholder and leverage that position to enforce its rules against violent threats, intimidation and hate speech, and shut down Trump for good," Wilson said on the campaign page. "If we don’t hit that target but raise a lot of money along the way, we’ll use that demonstration of public support to pressure Twitter to take action — and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Global Zero, a nonprofit organization leading the resistance to nuclear war. (No matter what, I won't keep a penny of these funds or benefit financially in any way.)" 

Hamill, star of the highly anticipated upcoming film The Last Jedi, is a longtime outspoken critic of Trump.

"Let's #BuyTwitter and #BanTrump! With my #ArmageddonAnxiety growing daily- I donated gladly! #GoodLuckValerie," Hamill tweeted.

He later added, "#BuyTwitter is symbolic & satirical (Raise $1B? LOL!) Plus-I WANT him to keep tweeting-it's all admissible evidence for #TrumpRussia/Mueller." 

Trump has been criticized countless times for his outrageous behavior on Twitter before and during his time in office.