Mark Hamill Shares 'Last Jedi' Batman and Joker Poster Parody

Mark Hamill on Monday delighted fans of two of his biggest franchises when he shared a parody poster from Star Wars that features Batman characters. 

The Luke Skywalker actor appeared at Star Wars Celebration over the weekend in Florida and participated in multiple panels, the most anticipated of which was for the upcoming Last Jedi

Fans not only got a two-minute teaser trailer, but also a new poster, instantly deemed one of the franchise's best. 

And, of course, the Internet had to have some fun with it. Almost as quickly as the poster was shown, parodies featuring the faces of Luke and Kylo Ren along with Rey were popping up. 

One parody in particular caught Hamill's eye: A poster refashioned to feature the faces of Batman and Joker, along with a full-body Harley Quinn. Hamill, who has voiced The Joker on the popular animated series and multiple video games, approved and shared the art with his more then 1.7 million followers. 

"The parodies begin...#TheLastJoker," Hamill tweeted with the image. 

That poster was created by Marcelo Millicay. 

And of that wasn't enough, Hamill shared a second parody he liked on Tuesday, this one featuring The Flash and the villain he played on that live action series, The Trickster.

The Last Jedi is due out Dec. 15.