Mark Hamill Shares Rare Unused Storyboard Clip of 1989 'Batman' Script

Batman 1989-Photofest still-H 2019
Warner Bros./Photofest
In one of the early drafts of the Tim Burton-directed film starring Michael Keaton, it appears Robin would have been introduced.

Mark Hamill gave Batman fans a treat on Friday when he unearthed a storyboard clip from an early draft of 1989's Batman.

The Joker actor explained that he and Batman: The Animated Series star Kevin Conroy voiced the storyboards for a DVD extra years ago.

"This rare clip from an early draft of the 1989 Batman movie introduced Robin but was later scrapped. @RealKevinConroy & I voiced the storyboards for the sequence- most likely for a bonus on a DVD release. I'm seeing it today for the very 1st time. ENJOY," Hamill said via Twitter.

The clip is a little more than four minutes long and was posted on YouTube more than a decade ago.

The short piece has music and sound effects, along with the dialogue.

The Robin idea was ultimately scrapped for the Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson classic, which was directed by Tim Burton.

Robin would not be introduced until 1995's Batman Forever, when Chris O'Donnell played the role. Val Kilmer played Batman in that installment.

Watch the storyboard clip, below.