Mark Hamill Shaves 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Beard (But Teases It Will Be Back)

Mark Hamill Star Wars XIII - H 2016
Star Wars YouTube/Screengrab
This is goodbye ... "at least til #EpisodeIX."

Mark Hamill is saying goodbye to something that's been with him since May 2015 — his (now) trademark Luke Skywalker beard.

Hamill grew the beard for the final moments of Star Wars: The Force Awakens — and kept the facial hair through the shooting of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII. The beard gave Luke the haunted look of a man who has seen too much, but don't expect Episode VIII to fix that, with Hamill teasing on Twitter that this was only goodbye for the beard, "at least til #EpisodeIX."

P.S. we guess Luke doesn't pull a Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in Episode VIII.

Hamill isn't the only star to get rid of his character's trademark facial hair this month. Hugh Jackman said goodbye to his Wolverine mutton chops a week ago.

Star Wars: Episode VIII, which still does not have a title, is set for a Dec. 15, 2017, release. Director Rian Johnson is currently in postproduction on the project

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