Mark Hamill Surprises 'Star Wars' Superfan Adam Scott on 'Kimmel'

Hamill appeared to apologize for being a no-show at Scott's 2nd birthday party.
Randy Holmes/ABC

Adam Scott was in for the surprise of his life this Star Wars Day.

The Star Wars mega fan told Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest-host Kristen Bell about his Star Wars-themed birthday party back when he was 2 years old, right before Empire Strikes Back debuted, but Bell was skeptical about his plans.

"Did you think he was really going to come?" asked Bell, after Scott told her he wrote a letter inviting Mark Hamill to his party.

"I did. I thought if he got it, and his schedule was clear, he's probably gonna come, right?" 

Alas, Hamill was a no-show. 

"I knew he must have been incredibly busy," said Scott, as Star Wars' theme song began playing and Hamill walked out (lightsaber in hand) to sit down with his fan. 

"I'm sorry I missed your birthday," Hamill told him. "That week I had two other birthdays, a bar mitzvah and a supermarket opening." 

Scott, fighting to find the words, eventually thanked him. "This really is one of the best moments of my life."

Watch the segment below.