Mark Hamill on Trump Tweets: "I Haven't Had Dialogue This Good" Since '90s 'Batman' Cartoon

The actor also remembers Mary Tyler Moore as a hero and former boss.
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For the past few weeks, Mark Hamill has been taking President Donald Trump at his word.

Hamill has released three recordings as The Trumpster — a supervillain alter ego in which Hamill reads Trump's tweets in the voice of the Joker, the villain the actor has voiced in the DC animated universe since 1992.

"As a voiceover actor, you recognize good dialogue — and I haven't had dialogue this good since Paul Dini," Hamill tells Heat Vision, referring to the Batman: The Animated Series writer and co-creator of Harley Quinn, who penned some of the actor's finest words as the Joker. "He's my favorite Batman writer and one of my all-time favorite writers."

The Trumpster project was sparked when comedian Matt Oswalt shared a New Year's Eve tweet from Trump, tweeting, "This sounds like something the Joker would say right before releasing a swarm of killer bees into Gotham." People instantly began requesting Hamill to make Oswalt's dreams come true, and the actor says the idea made him laugh.

Hamill says he has great respect for the role satire plays in the American political tradition, citing writers like Mark Twain as among his favorites — and he has great respect for orators like Basil Rathbone and Orson Welles, so the Trumpster project is the perfect storm for him.

Hamill also remembers a figure near and dear to him: TV icon Mary Tyler Moore, who died Wednesday at 80. Hamill recalls looking up to Moore as a fan and then getting to work for her when he starred in the comedy The Texas Wheelers, which ran from 1974-75 and was produced by Moore's MTM Enterprises. When Hamill wrapped on set, he would go watch Moore work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, where he learned a lot from seeing one of his heroes in her element.

"When I say I was there every day, I mean every day," says Hamill.

Only a few years after the show was canceled, Hamill landed the role of a lifetime, Luke Skywalker in 1977's Star Wars. Even as fans wait for Luke to finally speak again in the newly titled Star Wars: The Last Jedi (out Dec. 15), Hamill has another big-screen project coming out a few months earlier.

He'll appear in Brigsby Bear, co-written and starring Saturday Night Live's Kyle Mooney, which premiered to a lot of buzz at Sundance and is expected to be released over the summer.

"I'm only in it for about two minutes, so I can't take the credit," says Hamill, who calls the film "brilliant." 

The film centers on a man (Mooney), who learns he's the only viewer of his favorite TV show, the children's series Brigsby Bear Adventures. When the show ends, he decides to make a movie to conclude Brigsby's story.

Hamill sees Brigsby Bear as being in the tradition of trailblazing films such as Mel Brooks' The Producers to more recent examples like Napoleon Dynamite, in that it's a project not quite like what's been done before.  

As for why he's chosen Trump's tweets to read as the Joker, he says, "They are made for fun."

"What I think is really interesting is the fact that they are his own words and that's the impact," says Hamill.

Here's the most recent Trumpster reading.