Mark Hamill Was Fired From Jack in the Box for Doing Voices to Drive-Thru Customers

"I was always trying to find the theatrical aspects," the 'Star Wars' actor said of the fast food gig.

Mark Hamill on Monday dropped by The Late Late Show With James Corden and among the topics discussed was his time in the food service industry while he was an aspiring actor in Hollywood.

The Star Wars icon got on the subject when Corden's other guest, Bradley Whitford, reminisced about meeting Hamill when he was a young waiter and aspiring actor.

Whitford said Hamill could not have been nicer to him and left him a huge tip.

"You've got to start somewhere, and I am really aware that that's their life's blood," Hamill said of the importance of hooking servers up with a solid gratuity. The Luke Skywalker actor (who voices Chucky in the upcoming Child's Play) also talked about working at Jack in the Box in Hollywood.

It didn't go so well.

"I was always trying to find the theatrical aspects of it," Hamill said of the fast good gig. "I was in the back all the time, making shakes and manning the grill, and I always aspired to work the [drive-thru] window. The one chance I had at it — it never occurred to me to not be in character."

Hamill said rather than using his speaking voice, he decided to do a clownish impression that made him think of the Jack mascot.

"My manager didn't think it was very funny," Hamill said. "He told me to go home and never come back. I got fired. Fired! For being in character!"

Besides Star Wars, Hamill is a renowned voiceover actor, most notably for Batman's Joker.

He laughed off the Jack in the Box story, imagining telling his manager, "I'll show you! One day, I'll be The Joker and then you'll be sorry!"

Child's Play is due in theaters June 21. Watch Hamill's interview below.