Mark Hamill Zings Himself in Donald Trump Fashion

"Since Meryl stole mean-tweets that should've been MINE- #TheTrumpster STRIKES BACK next Saturday!"
Getty Images
Mark Hamill

It seems Mark Hamill is re-entering the cave on Dagobah, but this time he's sparring with someone else: Donald Trump.

On Monday, the Star Wars icon zinged himself over Twitter in an attempt to actually make fun of the president-elect.

It worked.

Hamill, like practically everyone else on social media, referenced the strong anti-Trump speech made by Meryl Streep during Sunday's Golden Globes. The Luke Skywalker actor announced his new character, The Trumpster (Hamill doing his classic Joker voice, reading Trump tweets), would be making a return.

"Washed-up loser @HamillHimself blew chance for power by not joining father-Winds up w/ no lines in #EpVII #SAD Never liked #StarTrek anyway!" wrote Hamill in response to what some fans believed Trump would derogatorily tweet at him, as the president-elect did to Streep.

The Trumpster was created when Hamill recorded himself as the Joker reading a New Year's Eve tweet from Trump, which some comedians said sounded like something the Batman villain would say.

Needless to say, the character is a hit among Hamill's fans and will return Saturday.