Mark Millar Cites Marvel Inspirations for New Millarworld Universe

Starlight Cover Art - P 2014
<p>Starlight Cover Art - P 2014</p>   |   John Cassaday/Image Comics
"Kick-Ass" creator plans nine different interconnected titles across the next three years.

If there's one thing you can't say about Mark Millar it's that he lacks ambition. This year the Kick-Ass creator draws back the curtain on his plan to create a modern-day equivalent to the Marvel Universe, with the creation of a line of interconnected series running over the next few years.

"Stan [Lee], Jack [Kirby] and Steve [Ditko] managed to create the Marvel Universe inside two or three years and establish everything, and I have the next three years planned out similarly with a number of amazing artists as my partners," Millar told Comic Book Resources regarding his new "Millarworld" projects. "The whole thing is interconnected like the Marvel movies, the most popular ones maybe getting sequels if the story lends itself to it. It's actually a nice relaxed way of working, and I've got nine new titles planned over the next three years in total."

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Millar said that the crossover among the titles -- with already existing series such as Wanted and Jupiter's Legacy -- will be subtle. "For example, there's a scientist who disappears in the backstory of MPH, just dropping out of society and going missing, who shows up in another title a year later," he explained. "There's a secret society in the Sean Gordon Murphy-[illustrated] books that ties into the Starlight book and the origins of this planet."

Saying that he loves the postcredit sequences from Marvel Studios movies, Miller remarked, "That's something I'm doing here with Kick-Ass 3 teasing MPH, Starlight setting up the Sean Gordon Murphy project, MPH leading into the [Bryan] Hitch project and Sean's project leading into a book with the biggest artist in the industry at the moment in 2015. It's great fun."