Mark Millar and Fox Team for 'Kindergarten' Superhero Franchise

Creator's first original children's project to be developed as kid-friendly superhero movie series by 20th Century Fox.
Mark Millar

Just because Mark Millar is known for superhero material that's firmly aimed at an adult audience -- as anyone who remembers the ending of Wanted or Chosen can attest -- doesn't mean that he doesn't have a softer, sweeter side that occasionally appears in his work. It also doesn't mean that his softer side isn't just as lucrative as his other work, as the news that 20th Century Fox will adapt his upcoming Kindergarten Heroes children's property into a live-action movie demonstrates.

Explaining the deal on his Millarworld message board, the Nemesis and Jupiter's Legacy writer said that the studio sees the movie -- to be written by Carter Blanchard and produced by new Fantastic Four screenwriter Simon Kinberg (a project on which Millar is acting as creative consultant) -- as a potential kid-friendly superhero franchise. "This is all looking very cool indeed," he wrote.

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If Kindergarten Heroes is an unfamiliar title from Millar, that's no surprise -- although initially announced in February last year, the source material is still to be published. "Curt [Tiegs, artist and co-owner of the property] and I finished it a year and a half ago or more," Millar explained, "but we're working on sequels and will release once we have at least a couple more books. We'd like to launch a bunch of these at the same time and have a little set kids can buy when they pick up the first one."