Mark Millar Teams with Nacho Vigalando on a Teaser for His 'Supercrooks' Comic Book (Exclusive Video)

The creator of "Wanted" and "Kick-Ass" collaborates with "Timecrimes" director Nacho Vigalando on a video clip for his upcoming comic book series.

Supercrooks, the latest high-concept comic book from Mark Millar, hits shelves this Wednesday.

The book, co-created and drawn by Leinil Yu (who worked with Millar on another creator-owned book, Superior), examines how so many superheroes seem to be based out of New York City and explores what might happen if a super-villain decided to land somewhere without any super-powered adversaries.

The comic centers on a group of villains that, following the above logic, head to Europe to pull off a heist. Millar describes it as "X-Men meets Ocean’s 11."

Millar, whose comic Wanted was translated by Universal into a hit movie starring Angelina Jolie, also was responsible for Kick-Ass, and he has a slew of other books primed for 2012. Word is that the pre-orders for Supercrooks are even larger than those for Wanted and Kick-Ass.

Millar is, not surprisingly, already making moves for a movie adaptation. Nacho Vigalondo, the Spanish filmmaker behind 2007’s Timecrimes and 2011’s Extraterrestrial, is attached to direct a film version with a script co-written by Vigalondo and Millar. Marc Platt, who produced Wanted, is on board to produce.

Millar and Vigalondo have cooked up an amusing teaser, which can be seen exclusively here on Heat Vision. The clip, which Millar wrote and Vigalondo shot and edited, effectively creates a world around the idea, and it hints at what sort of tone the material might possess.

Also seen here is a funny promo released earlier this month for the many books Millar has coming out this year.