Mark Millar Talks Netflix Deal and Teases New Project

Superior Comic Book Cover by Mark Millar - P 2014
<p>Superior Comic Book Cover by Mark Millar - P 2014</p>
The 'Kingsman' and 'Superior' creator plans to double the amount of Millarworld properties.

It's been a couple of months since Mark Millar revealed that Millarworld, his comic book company and home to such projects as Kick-Ass, Kingsman, Superior and Wanted, had been sold to Netflix. Now, he's finally teasing what that means for his comics projects and more.

Talking to ComicBook.com in his first interview on the subject, Millar teased the launch of a new comic book project over the weekend, saying, "This comes out of a brand-new project I’ve created in-house, and I’ve asked pretty much the best artist in the industry right now if he’d like to draw the comic book."

Writing on the project has already been completed, Millar said, and he's already hard at work on the second comic book to come out of the new deal. "The first is a completely original piece of work, the other a sequel to one of our existing franchises people really liked a couple of years back," he teased. "Both artists are people I Google in my tea breaks. You’ll smile when you see who we’ve bagged."

Netflix will use Millarworld as an entry into comics publishing, Millar revealed, promising "around 20 monthly comics a year or four graphic novel collections" per year. "This has the most incredible potential for everybody involved as Netflix doesn’t really go into anything half-cocked," he said. "I’ve been doing this job since I was 19 and I’ve never been more excited about where this is going to go."

As for adaptations of existing Millarworld comics, "there's just nothing off the table," according to the writer. But Netflix's purchase goes far beyond existing properties. "We’re also going to be doing a lot of brand-new stuff too on top of the franchises you’ve already seen," Millar said. "They bought 17 franchises when they bought our company, and I’d like to create that many again, too, for Netflix."