Mark Ruffalo Hulks Out in 'Thor: Ragnarok' Set Videos

Mark Ruffalo Twitter H 2016
The star will unleash The Hulk once again for the 2017 release.

Mark Ruffalo is getting mean and green once again.

The Avengers star has been sharing videos from the set of Thor: Ragnarok, with one showing him wielding giant Hulk hands as he runs toward the camera.

In another, he reveals that playing The Hulk isn't as exciting as battling the Chitauri or as glamorous as partying in Tony Stark's penthouse. 

"It's your humble servant Mark Ruffalo waiting to shoot some Hulk scenes in my legendary man-canceling suit," a bored sounding Ruffalo deadpans as he shows off his mocap suit. "It's glamorous, but someone has to do it." 

Ruffalo's Hulk is teaming up with Chris Hemsworth's Thor for what Ruffalo has described as a cosmic road trip movie. Thor mainstays Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Idris Elba (Hamdel) and Anthony Hopkins (Odin) are returning, with new additions to the MCU including Jeff Goldblum (Grandmaster), Karl Urban (Skurge) and Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie). 

Taika Waititi is directing the Marvel Studios film for a Nov. 3, 2017, release.