Mark Ruffalo Suggests 'Avengers 4' Is Still "In Flux"

Mark Ruffalo - Thor Ragnarok Extended TV Spot Contenders Still - H 2017
"It's a very living organism," says the Hullk actor of the Marvel production method. "Even as we approach it being a locked picture, we're still working on it."

Wondering what comes after the follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War? So are the movie’s cast, according to comments made by Mark Ruffalo, who has revealed that the movie has yet to finish initial production, and that it might still shift direction during shooting.

Talking to The Marvelists podcast, Ruffalo said that scheduled reshoots for next year’s fourth Avengers movie — which begin later this month — aren’t actually reshoots at all. “We're not just doing reshoots,” he said. “We’re going to finish the movie, which we really didn't get to finish totally when we left it last year.”

The actor, who’s played Bruce Banner and the Hulk since 2012’s Avengers, talked about the organic nature of filmmaking on the Marvel movies, suggesting that stories are constantly in flux. “Some of [the decision making process regarding plot] is happening while we're there,” he said. “It's pretty amazing. And we'll shoot some stuff and a few days later come back and reshoot it cause we wanna take it in another direction. It's a very living organism, even as we approach it being a locked picture, we're still working on it.”

Asked what could come next for the Hulk following the fourth Avengers, Ruffalo’s answer was simple: “Yeah, I don’t know,” he admitted. “I have no idea.”

This could be just the latest evolution in the running gag that Marvel productions are so secretive that actors can’t reveal anything for fear of losing their job — or, perhaps, Ruffalo is being purposefully kept in the dark after accidentally revealing the end of Avengers: Infinity War months before it was released. If Ruffalo is telling the truth, though, it’s not just Marvel’s fanbase that’s being kept in the dark about what happens to the Avengers moving forward.

The untitled follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War will be released May 3, 2019.