Mark Ruffalo Teases 'Darker,' Funnier Sequel to 'Avengers'

Mark Ruffalo
<p>&quot;I have a saying: &#39;If you&#39;re not yelling at your kids, you&#39;re just not spending enough time with them.&#39; &quot;</p>
The next "Avengers" movie will be better, cooler and "more awesomer" than the first, according the man who brought Bruce Banner to life.

When it comes to describing 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mark Ruffalo knows that existing rules of the english language are far too puny. How else to explain his telling MTV that the sequel to 2012's massive super hero team-up will be "more awesomer"?

Asked about the script for the new movie, Ruffalo replied, "I would say that it's better, it's cooler, it's more awesomer," going on to say that it's also "a little bit darker [than Avengers], but also really has Joss Whedon's incredibly, witty and sly sense of humor."

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That description matches Scarlett Johansson's take on the the script. Talking to Parade recently, she called the screenplay "dark and… dry," as well as "very cerebral" and having "this amazing, one-liner, glass-cutting sense of humor" that nonetheless brought a new gravity to the characters.

While all of Ruffalo's other Avengers co-stars -- with the exception of poor Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye -- will have appeared in other Marvel Studios movies between the two Avengers projects, the actor's Bruce Banner alter ego will have been limited to an Iron Man 3 cameo. Fans of the Hulk shouldn't worry about the character, however; the actor promised that he "gets to do such great stuff" in the new movie.

Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released May 2015.