Marvel Adds 3 New Titles to Summer 'Secret Empire' Comic Book Storyline

'Uprising,' 'Underground' and 'United' will show what happens when Hydra takes over America.
Meghan Hetrick/Marvel Entertainment

As part of its summer event storyline Secret Empire, the landscape of Marvel's comic book universe will change significantly. As a Captain America-led Hydra overruns America, heroes and villains will have to decide whether or not they're onboard with the New World Order — and three newly announced comic books will show what happens next.

All three titles — Secret Empire: United, Secret Empire: Underground and Secret Empire: Uprising — are one-off issues to be released in June, as the storyline moves into its second month, with each focusing on a different coalition of heroes trying to deal with the Hydra takeover.

Uprising, by novelist Derek Landy and artist J. Cassara, focuses on the younger heroes of the Marvel Universe, with the Miles Morales Spider-Man teaming with Ironheart — the replacement Iron Man — as well as the current teen incarnations of the Hulk, the Wasp, the Falcon and the Vision as they come together on a mission for the Black Widow.

Meanwhile, the adult heroes of Underground — by Jeremy Whitley and Eric Koda — will also be on a mission, but outside the U.S. altogether; instead, Ant-Man, Hercules, Quicksilver, Sam Wilson and Mockingbird will be in the prehistoric Savage Land, searching for something they believe could end the Hydra threat altogether … as long as they don't die in the process of finding it.

It's actually the United issue that comes closest to providing a substantive underground movement against the Hydra-dominated society of Secret Empire, with Jim Zub and Ario Anindito showing Emma Frost, the former X-Men leader, attempting to raise a rebellion against the terrorist organization now headed by Steve Rogers, along with her own group of mutant outlaws.

The titles will run alongside not only the main Secret Empire series, but also tie-in issues of a number of ongoing titles from Marvel's superhero lineup; although the June listings have yet to be revealed in full, the storyline continues through Captain America: Steve Rogers, U.S. Avengers, Captain America: Sam Wilson, Doctor Strange, Ultimates 2, Deadpool, The Mighty Captain Marvel and Secret Warriors in May alone. The storyline is the culmination of the long-running plot in which Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, is revealed to be an agent of the terrorist organization Hydra as the result of his history being changed by a near-omnipotent being.

Secret Empire will launch in May.