Marvel Announces 'Death of Wolverine'

The X-Man will be killed off in a four-part series launching in September.
Steve McNiven/Marvel Entertainment
The X-Man will be killed off in a four-part series launching in September.

He’s been fighting the good fight for four decades, but this September, all of that will apparently come to an end with Marvel Entertainment announcing a new four-part series with the admittedly spoilerish title The Death of Wolverine.

The death of the X-Men fan favorite has been teased for some time in the pages of the regular Wolverine series by writer Paul Cornell, with previous storylines titled “Killable” and “3 Months to Die” featuring the character losing his trademark healing powers and coming to terms with his new mortality. (Cornell, surprisingly, is not writing the new series; Charles Soule is, with art by Steve McNiven).

STORY: Marvel Teases the Death of Wolverine

This is far from the first time the character has died, although previous expirations have failed to stick; Wolverine has been killed by alien invaders and nihilistic ninjas in previous storylines, with another storyline dealing with the character’s time in hell. Similarly, this is far from the first “Death of …” storyline from Marvel, with Captain America, the Human Torch and even Spider-Man having been recent victims (Of course, they also all recovered).

The new Death of Wolverine storyline will run four weekly issues in September. How this affects Marvel’s ongoing Wolverine and Wolverine and the X-Men series has not been revealed, although the publisher will announce more details during this weekend’s C2E2 convention in Chicago.