Marvel Announces Mystery Comics as Part of 'Original Sin' Event

The publisher is keeping the details about "Original Sins" and an additional four-part tie-in to the central comic under wraps for now.

Marvel Entertainment's upcoming Original Sin summer event is based around secrets -- not only the secret of who killed the cosmic entity known as the Watcher, but also the numerous secrets for the Marvel heroes as a result of the subsequent murder investigation. Now, Marvel has added a new secret to the list: What are the secret Original Sin comics?

As part of the publisher's solicitations for its June releases, circulated on Wednesday, Marvel announced a five-issue series called Original Sins and a four-part subseries of the core Original Sin title. Quite what these series will consist of wasn't entirely clear from the solicitations, with the publisher releasing only the titles, page count, prices and (for the Original Sin subseries only) creative teams for each series, along with the text "Everybody Has One …"

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A clue to the content of the Original Sin subseries (Officially, #3.1-3.4 of the main series) may come in the fact that it is written and drawn by two different creative teams, who will be alternating issues: Mark Waid and Mark Bagley, who also work on the regular Hulk series, and Kieron Gillen and Luke Ross, currently responsible for the Iron Man title. Whether this suggests a Hulk/Iron Man team-up isn't necessarily obvious, however.

When asked by a fan about information on the series via social media, Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort explained, "We're still months away from when those books will be coming out. You'll know all that you desire in plenty of time -- just not yet." Consider it the comic book version of J.J. Abrams' Mystery Box method of promotion, perhaps. Original Sins and Original Sin #3.1-3.4 will be released in June; the central Original Sin series launches this May.