Marvel Announces New 'Ant-Man' Prose Novel

Ant Man Art - H 2013
<p>Ant Man Art - H 2013</p>   |   Marvel
'Natural Enemy' acts as another entry point into the small world of the insect-themed hero

With Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man less than a year from release, it’s time to start building up the stature of the company’s premier miniature hero. In addition to a new comic series launching next year, Marvel announced plans Tuesday for Ant-Man: Natural Enemy, a prose novel centering on the character.

Written by crime novelist Jason Starr, Marvel describes the novel's Scott Lang as “an ex-con, single parent and part-time superhero … settling in to a new city with his teenage daughter, Cassie.” While this fits with the comic book mythology of the character, more or less — Cassie was traditionally portrayed as a preteen for much of Scott Lang’s initial superhero career before his temporary death in 2004, and has herself been dead since he returned to life — this description might, more importantly, point toward the status quo for the Paul Rudd version of the character in Peyton Reed’s 2015 movie.

“Whether you’re an Ant-Man fan, or looking to experience a new story featuring the breakout character of 2015, this novel is going to be an exciting thrill ride from cover to cover,” Marvel senior vp sales and marketing David Gabriel said in a statement, adding that the novel will “offer a completely new window into the Marvel Universe.”

The novel follows Avengers: Everybody Wants to Rule the World and Rocket Raccoon & Groot: Steal the Galaxy as prose projects centering on Marvel Studios properties to be announced in the last year. Marvel has already published a prose edition of Civil War, the source material for 2016’s third Captain America movie.

Ant-Man: Natural Enemy will be released June 3, 2015. The Ant-Man movie is scheduled for release July 17.

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