Marvel Announces 'Secret Wars 2099' Series, Launching 'Warzones' Branding

Prepare to meet the Avengers of the future.
Dave Rapoza/Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment’s Secret Wars may begin this summer, but apparently they’ll continue for the next 84 years — or, at least, they’ll impact events in Marvel’s 2099 universe, as revealed with the announcement of Secret Wars 2099.

A replacement title for the current Spider-Man 2099 series, Secret Wars 2099 will see writer Peter David and artist William Sliney introduce a brand-new team of Avengers trapped on the patchwork “Battleworld” setting of the summer event. However, David says that the series won’t be closely tied to the parent event.

“It’s set on Battleworld the way the others are, but honestly, it doesn’t tie into Secret Wars beyond that," David told IGN. "The events of Secret Wars proper might be mentioned in passing somewhere, but 2099 is definitely its own story.”

As if to emphasize that point, both Marvel and David are suggesting that the series might continue past the eight-issue Secret Wars event, with David saying “as far as I’m concerned, the series will run as long as Marvel and the readers want me to write it.”

Secret Wars 2099 will launch “Warzones,” one of three parallel brands Marvel intends to use to identify tie-ins to Secret Wars (the others are “Battleworld” and “Last Days”). When the branding was announced, “Warzones” titles were described as “a glimpse of what the future holds” for the Marvel Universe. Could the Secret Wars continue beyond this summer? Perhaps so …

Secret Wars 2099 will launch in May.

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