Marvel Announces 'Secret Wars' Cross-Platform Event for Spring 2015

Marvel Secret Wars - H 2014
Storyline will spill over into consumer products and digital tie-ins

Marvel Entertainment started off its 75th anniversary celebrations at this year’s New York Comic Con with the announcement of what the company is calling its biggest event yet: Secret Wars.

The event, which is anchored by a mini-series by current Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic, will go beyond the traditional scope of the company’s comic book superhero epics, with Marvel teasing “a synergistic approach” that will include tie-ins in consumer products and digital releases throughout the story’s run.

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Details about what Secret Wars will actually entail are being kept under wraps right now, but Marvel did reveal a promotional image by Alex Ross featuring multiple incarnations of characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor from across the three-quarter-century history of the company. In an interview with USA Today, executive editor Tom Brevoort said that “none of [the image] is random and none of it is brand new,” adding that “however massive you think this is, let me assure you it is bigger than that.”

The event shares its title with a fan-favorite 1984 series created to tie-in with a then-current toyline. The original Secret Wars is remembered for introducing a number of elements that affected popular Marvel characters for some time afterwards, including the first appearance of what would eventually become the Spider-Man villain Venom and altering the line-up of the Fantastic Four with the addition of the She-Hulk.

The new Secret Wars will launch in Spring 2015, spinning out of the current Avengers storyline “Time Runs Out,” according to Marvel.

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