Marvel to Bring Korean Hero White Fox to U.S. Comics

Marvel White Fox - P 2014
<p>Marvel White Fox - P 2014</p>   |   Young hoon Ko/Marvel Entertainment
The character from Disney Korea's 'Avengers: Electric Rain' will show up in Marvel's American output

Following the success of Kamala Khan, Sam Wilson becoming Captain America and the new female Thor, Marvel Entertainment’s latest comic book superhero is another step away from its traditional white male lead — and, unusually, started her life outside of Marvel’s ecosystem altogether.

Speaking at Seoul’s DICON conference, Marvel SVP C.B. Cebulski announced that a character called White Fox will be brought to Marvel’s comic book continuity in the near future. The character originally debuted in Avengers: Electric Rain, a Marvel-licensed “webtoon” — essentially, a short webcomic — produced by Disney Korea and Korean webportal Daum by creator Young Hoon Ko.

The character, created by Ko, appears in the webtoon alongside the movie incarnation of Marvel’s Avengers, although it’s unclear whether she will show up as an Avenger in her U.S. comic book appearances.

White Fox isn’t the first time Marvel has imported a character from an adapted work into its core comic continuity, the upcoming SHIELD series will feature the comic book debuts of ABC’s Agents of SHIELD characters, while two X-Men characters — Firestar and X-23 — appeared in animated series before they showed up in the comic books.

Avengers: Electric Rain is just one of a number of projects Marvel has licensed for Asian audiences; the current issue of Japanese magazine Brutus features a crossover between Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy and the popular series Attack on Titan, and the anime series Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, produced in association with Bandai and Toei Animation, debuted on Japanese television earlier this year.

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