Marvel Congratulates 'Jurassic World' on Defeating 'The Avengers'

Studio president Kevin Feige calls the dino movie "the new opening weekend king."
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Think that Marvel Studios might be upset that Jurassic World has unseated The Avengers in the record books with the most successful opening weekend of all time? Think again.

No less than Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige took to Twitter Tuesday to congratulate director Colin Trevorrow, executive producer Steven Spielberg and those involved with the revival of Universal's Jurassic Park franchise on their achievement with an exclusive piece of art featuring Earth's Mightiest Heroes looking on at Chris Pratt riding a T. rex that's holding Thor's hammer.

With most of the team turned away from the audience, it's impossible to tell how they're responding to the sight (The two exceptions are Thor, who has a question mark over his head as he points to the hammer in the T. rex's hand, and the Hulk, who is turned toward the audience scowling, complete with cartoon scribble above his head to denote frustration). The caption on the piece reads "Marvel Studios congratulates Jurassic World on being the new opening weekend king!"

Pratt, of course, also has a role within Marvel's Cinematic Universe, and will be seen in 2017's Guardians of the Galaxy 2. (See Feige's tweet below.)

Whether or not this means that we should expect similar congratulations from Universal if Marvel's Captain America: Civil War allows the studio to retake the record next year is open to speculation. Chris Evans standing on top of a felled dinosaur, perhaps? We can hope.