Marvel vs. DC: Get Ready for the Dawn of the Civil War of Justice (Video)

A new parody video gently pokes fun at the similarities between comic book franchises.
Courtesy of Dorkly

A billionaire with a sideline in superheroics, facing off with a patriotic icon over ideological differences in a major movie due out next year? It has to be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — or Captain America: Civil War. A new video gently pokes fun at the similarities between the two movies.

The short from Dorkly pokes at fanboy pride by suggesting that Warners' follow-up to Man of Steel will be an inferior version of the third Captain America movie, although the punchline regarding Wonder Woman and Black Widow evens things out a little. (At least until Marvel caves to online pressure and announces a Black Widow movie after all.)

As to which of the movies will come out on top, that remains unknown until May 6, 2016, when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters (Batman v Superman is released a couple of months earlier, on Mar. 25). If you're looking to compare comic book inspirations, both Marvel's Civil War and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (the origin point of the quote used to announce the movie in 2013) are both available in collected and digital formats to read and make up your own minds right now.

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