Marvel to Debut Deathlok Solo Comic Book Series This Fall

"Agents of SHIELD"s' cyborg killer will return to comic books -- kind of -- as part of Marvel's big summer storyline.
Courtesy of Joe Jusko/Marvel Entertainment

Fresh from his on-screen debut as part of Agents of SHIELD, Marvel has revealed that Deathlok will be returning to comic stores on a regular basis later this year in a new series launching from the upcoming Original Sin storyline.

The character will return as part of the June-launching Original Sins anthology series, it was revealed on Wednesday, before receiving his own series afterwards. The Original Sins story will be by Nathan Edmondson and Mike Perkins, but no creative team has been officially confirmed for the latter ongoing series.

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Fans of the ABC series' incarnation of the character may be surprised by the new series; however, according to Marvel, it won't be former SHIELD agent Mike Peterson (J. August Richards) playing the cyborg killing machine in the comic books, but Michael Collins, a former computer coder who woke up one day to find his brain transferred into a cyborg body.

Collins is only one of multiple Deathloks in the Marvel Comics continuity, including two different versions from separate alternate futures, one of whom was last seen hanging out with the X-Men. Whether or not this means it's more likely that we’ll eventually see a comic book Peterson -- or whether he'd be entirely unnecessary, given the number of analogs already available -- remains to be seen.

Original Sins #1, featuring the return of Deathlok, will be released in June.