Marvel Debuts 'Winter Soldier' Digital Comic Prelude

Captain America The Winter Soldier Prelude - H 2014
<p>Captain America The Winter Soldier Prelude - H 2014</p>   |   Rock-He Kim/Marvel Entertainment
Marvel prepares for April's next big movie with a new digital comic book prologue.

If the April 4 release date of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is just a little too far away, Marvel Entertainment is offering a way to feed your hunger for more Steve Rogers with the awkwardly titled Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier Infinite Comic, which introduces threads -- and characters -- from the upcoming movie.

"If you’re a Captain America fan, this all-new adventure is rare sneak peek into the movie we still have to wait over two months for," editor Bill Rosemann explained. "First, you get to see Cap rock his new stealth suit. Also, you’ll see one of his first missions working side-by-side not only with his Avengers teammate Black Widow, but also with Brock Rumlow, whose name should ring some bells."

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In addition to Rumlow, the prelude -- written by Peter David, with art by Rock-He Kim -- introduces a new weapon called "the Zodiac," which has fallen into the wrong hands, as such weapons tend to do. But, as the publisher asks, "What secrets is S.H.I.E.L.D. keeping about the Zodiac? Are there enemies on both sides of this fight?"

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier Infinite Comic is available via Marvel's comic store and ComiXology platforms.