Marvel and Disney Imagineering 'Dare' to Tease New Weirdness

This weekend's D23 Expo saw a second tease -- complete with hidden video -- for the mysterious collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and Disney Imagineering.

Early last week, Marvel asked attendees of this past weekend's D23 Expo to "ask for something weird" at the show, but doing so only delivered another teaser of a mysterious future project that pairs Marvel and Disney that hints at something spooky in the near future.

Instead of details about -- or even title for -- the collaboration between Marvel and Disney, the "weird" teaser led to a freebie poster available in the D23 Imagineering area featuring two children standing in front of a coffin-shaped door decked out with a clock complete with a devil face, skeletal hands and a pendulum in the shape of an axe, bearing the tagline "Do You Dare Enter?"

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A logo at the bottom of the poster unlocked a video through Marvel's AR augmented reality app, in which Marvel editor Bill Rosemann suggested fans "stay tuned for more demented details about this all-new comic book project from your freaky friends at Marvel and Disney Imagineering." Such details, the closing legend reveals, will be forthcoming next month.

The mention of Disney Imagineering, in particular, fuels speculation that the secret project is an adaptation of Museum of the Weird, a forerunner of the Haunted Mansion attraction. However, the Imagineering department has worked outside of the theme park space in the past -- including designing Disney stores, museum exhibits for the Autry Museum of Western Heritage and designing both graphics and interiors for Disney cruises -- so it's not impossible that this will be some all-new comic book-only project.

Fingers crossed that we'll know all this time next month -- or, at least, by Halloween.