Marvel Exec Teases Comic Book Death of Deadpool

Wolverine may not be the only member of the extended X-Men family that Marvel Entertainment is planning to kill off. In a recent interview, an executive from the publisher dropped a hint that Deadpool would also be heading to the great superhero team-up in the sky.

Talking to, Marvel senior vp sales & marketing David Gabriel responded to a question about the success of the current Death of Wolverine storyline by saying, "Speaking of death, we were just talking about the upcoming death of a character in March in issue 250 of a character with the word 'Dead' in his name. Go figure."

The site notes that March 2015 will see the 250th issue of Deadpool, if all of the character’s previous series are tallied together.

Killing off Deadpool just as his long-gestating movie was finally officially scheduled may appear to be counterintuitive, but there are a number of things to bear in mind with this tease. Firstly, there’s the fact that Gabriel doesn’t outright tease Deadpool’s death, per se; instead, he hints at the “death of a character… in issue 250 of a character with the word 'Dead' in his name.” That leaves wiggle room for a supporting character to die instead of Deadpool himself … Perhaps even his wife.

Secondly, Deadpool is a humor series that has parodied other Marvel concepts and storylines in the past. It’s likely that any potential major death in the main series could be treated with a lack of sincerity and seriousness; indeed, the March issue may even be a specific parody of the “Death of Wolverine” storyline itself.

And finally — and, perhaps, most importantly — is the fact that comic book deaths are rarely, if ever, permanent. Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man and the Human Torch have all “died” in the last decade alone before returning to full health within a surprisingly short amount of time — and that's just Marvel characters. Just because a character dies in March 2015 doesn’t mean he won’t be up and ready for action again by the time his movie arrives a year later. In fact, a well-timed resurrection might be exactly the kind of the synergistic tie-in to a movie that could push Deadpool to the top of the comic book sales charts.

A representative of Marvel declined to comment on the subject when contacted by THR.

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