Marvel Expanding 'X-Men' Comic Franchise With Two New Series

Giant Size X-Men - Publicity - H 2019
Russell Dauterman/Marvel Entertainment
Keeping up with Marvel's mutants will mean buying nine separate titles starting early 2020.

Marvel Entertainment is aggressively expanding its X-Men comic book franchise in the wake of the massively successful House of X/Powers of X relaunch, with two newly announced titles, X-Men/Fantastic Four and Giant-Size X-Men, being added to a family of titles that is already seven series strong.

The two titles were announced at MCM Comic Con London on Friday. Giant Size X-Men will be an ongoing series of special issues written by Jonathan Hickman spotlighting individual or small groups of characters in the X-Men franchise, each illustrated by a different artistic team; the series will launch with Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost, with art by Russell Dauterman.

X-Men/Fantastic Four, meanwhile, will be a four-issue miniseries by Chip Zdarsky and the art team of Terry and Rachel Dodson, teaming the two comic book teams for a story centering around Franklin Richards — son of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four, and an extremely powerful mutant in his own right — and the question of whether or not he should live in the newly established mutant nation of Krakoa. The series is notable for being the first large-scale meeting between the larger Marvel Universe and the “new” X-Men status quo — as detailed in Hickman's recent books, which have recast mutants as the dominant species on Earth.

Both series will launch in February alongside the already announced Wolverine solo series, bringing the total of X-Men titles to nine. Additionally, at least two further series are planned for the line, with Hickman teasing a solo series for supporting character Moira MacTaggert in a recent interview, and a series titled X-Corp being announced in the letter column of the Captain Marvel series.